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Team work during our run through the mountains in Gal Da Val Island.

Starwalker - Lv 73 - (Starwalker) 
Wanda - Lv 63 - (blitzwing)
Starwalker and Wanda ready to fight De Rol Le.

Starwalker - Lv 69 - (Starwalker) 
Wanda - Lv 62 - (blitzwing)
Starwalker - Lv 66 - (Starwalker)
Wanda - Lv 58 - (blitzwing)
Starwalker - Lv 61 - (Starwalker)
Sunstreaker - Lv 51 - (blitzwing)
Sunstreaker's favourite weapon (so far) Crush Bullet is good for some killing spree. 
We were investigating the Seabed facility.

Starwalker - Lv 56 - (Starwalker)
Sunstreaker - Lv 48 - (blitzwing)
Sunstreaker leveling up during our first very hard play.

Starwalker - Lv 53 - (Starwalker)
Sunstreaker - Lv 44 - (blitzwing)
Starwalker - Lv 51 - (Starwalker)
Sunstreaker - Lv 40 - (blitzwing)
Starwalker and Sunstreaker looking for available jobs at the Hunter's Guild. We did some work for the Military. Yes the Military! They paid us good money, so...

Starwalker - Lv 47 - (Starwalker)
Sunstreaker - Lv 36 (blitzwing)
Picture taken after our hunting and just before we going shopping at Gallons, during our friday meet.

Starwalker - Lv 41 - (Starwalker)
Sunstreaker - Lv 29 (blitzwing)
Here is my present wrapped in yellow paper. There are 9 diferent colour wrappings. The colour we get is tied to user account, so we need to exchange with other people to get them all. If we can get all 9 we can get a real Christmas present (which contains a Mag Cell). The quest where we can wrap items is Pioneer Christmas.

Starwalker (Starwalker): Lv 31
JDR (Whoobin): Lv 35
lordnikon and Starwalker hanging out on Pioneer 2, with some items acquiring during Halloween, including nikon's first Jack-O-Lantern.

(This game session took place on Nov 2nd, 2008)
Players gathered for some Halloween fun on October 30th 2008:

lordnikon (lordnikon)
gary_b (Nano)
TheMytho (Seraphim)
After weeks of work in our small but active GC PSO community, players lordnikon and lanzarlaluna sport the fruits of their labor: Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns. Inside is of course a rare mag cell that can only be acquired during Halloween.

This was sort of fitting that we each got our Jack-O-Lanterns together. In 2006, the last Pioneer Halloween before the server closure, Sega had pulled the holiday event right on Halloween. We didn't have time to trade in our mag cells at the time. So we were shortchanged. Well this year we dipped into our old official characters banks, and did some serious cake sorting for a few hours, combining cakes earned this year with cakes earned in previous years. Sweet Justice!

(If you are reading this, and are totally confused; during Halloween on PSO there is an event Quest where you acquire a specific type of cake, that you trade with other players to get 8 different types of cakes. You then take these and exchange them for a Jack-O-Lantern in the special online quest.)
Here is a screenshot from the Pioneer 2 Easter Decorations :) .
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