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1080 Avalanche - LAN Functions

by: lordnikon

1080 Avalanche's LAN mode is pretty basic. Only one mode is available, the standard Race which can be played with a total of 4 GameCubes, over 6 different courses.

If one player wins the match, the other players are given 10 seconds before the race ends. This can be troublesome, since whoever wins the race basically kills off any chance for other players to cross the finish line. There is a simple way around this, to ensure your fellow players are able to almost race the entire course.

If you retire from the race before crossing the finish line, the game goes on allowing the remaining players to continue racing. Players almost at the finish line could pause and retire.

This function can also help when using the race modes for trick sessions. 1080 has no LAN trick mode, which was very dissapointing. Using the pause retire option would allow people to cruise down the tracks pulling off tricks and goofing off on the courses, without the match ending prematurely.

If one gamer puts in a memory card with previous save data into either gamecube, the options will be available for all connected gamecubes. So if 3 users are using brand new clean memory cards, or no memory cards, and one player has all the boards unlocked, then those boards will instantly become available for all players. I think it will mix and match pulling settings from all memory cards, to unlock as much as possible.

The courses available during LAN are the following:
  • Easy Life - Tenderfoot Pass (green)
  • Angel Light - Frosty Shadows (green)
  • Angel Light - Tree Top Trauma (blue)
  • Ride Easy Railways - Trestle Trouble (blue)
  • Angel Light - Midnight City (black)
  • Frozen Melee - Sick With It (black)
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