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PSO Snapshot Tutorial

by: lordnikon

You will need a seperate memory card for taking snapshots placed in slot B. A good recommendations is to pick up a couple cheapo Mad Catz 1MB memory cards. They are small, cheap, and are horrible for game saves. However they are awsome for snapshots. They cost about 5.00 each, and buying multiples of these will allow you to shoot off a couple of different snapshots per gameplay session. You can only save one snapshot for Ep1&2, and one for Ep3, per memory card.

Before taking your first snapshot you will need to create a snapshot file on the memory card. This only needs to be done 1 time for each memory card you want to save pictures to. From the main menu go to Options, and then Snapshot. A prompt will come up asking if you want to create a snapshot file. Hit "yes" to create the file. In the future this menu can be used to identify what picture you currently have saved to your card.

Start a game. Put a second controller in port 4 of the GameCube. You will be using this controller to take your snapshots.

L-TRIGGER - Brings up the snapshot viewfinder
R-TRIGGER - Pressure sensitive zooming
ANALOG STICK - Moves the camera
C-STICK - moves picture frame
A BUTTON - Takes a normal snapshot
X BUTTON - Takes a fullscreen snapshot
Z + A BUTTONS - Takes a normal monochrome snapshot
Z + X BUTTONS - Takes a fullscreen monochrome snapshot

Extra information:
  • While playing offline you can take snapshots in any location.
  • You cannot take snapshots in offline multiplayer.
  • While playing online you cannot take snaps in quests or boss fights.
The game will prompt you to press A again to confirm the save. If you do not press the A button, it will fail to save the snapshot.

To develop your Ep1&2 snapshots:
You can download PSO Proxy which you can run on your local network to develop Phantasy Star Online Ep1&2 screenshots. If you have the original PSO ep1&2, set the sharpness value to 2. If you have PSO ep1&2 Plus, set the sharpness value at 0 (zero). This can be configured in the proxy.ini file. (note: pso proxy is not compatible with episode 3)

To develop your Ep1&2 and Ep3 snapshots on the web:
You can use the following site, which should be entered in the PROXY setting on your GC network config:
Proxt Port Address:
Proxy Port Number: 8080
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