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Thu Apr 10, 2014 9:30 pm
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Iv been playing around with this a bit, trying to get some of the mags that I want ( non-rare mags), I really like mags I think its a fun idea and allows a lot of options for characters, but the one thing I don't like is how they are based on class and color to get the a certain one. Some of the ones I want are on other class or color.

So I thought I would start one on a different class, on a ranger, got kalki, gave it to my force, on 35 got mitra ( excited because it was still in the ranger line, even though I fed it on my force) on 50 got marica, the one I didn't want , so it went back to the force line. Did another one got it to Sita, was going to give it to my force, but I was afraid it would have eventually evolved to one that I didn't want because of the color id.

Have any of you all played around with this? Do they always evolve to match your class and color? If I got one to 199 then gave it to a character that match the mag I want and fed it to 200, will it change into it? If I feed a lvl 200 mag to raise like sync or IQ will it evolve? (lol can you feed a lvl 200 mag, I don't remember). I guess I could just put it on a character that matches what I want and feed it to 200 then use it, lol its just that way you don't get to play with your main char until its done.

Do rare mags evolve if you change their stats? Do you have to keep the same formula at level 200? I got a bhima by accident when I was making these mags Very Happy . When you look online they seem to have just the basic list of like what stats make what. I haven't seen anything yet that went into a lot of detail. Honestly though its quite a bit time consuming to really like super test all of this out, I wouldn't want to do it lol. Its been really interesting though thinking about this, and trying the few mags I was testing. any thoughts? look forward to seeing them.
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Wed Apr 30, 2014 12:56 am
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Hmm I cannot remember what some of the quirks are when moving the mag over to other chars, and having it suddenly change up on you. I think at 200 its deadlocked at whatever mag it is, including the color (Maybe the synchro would change the mag type to say Varuna or Bhirava?)

I remember I ended up making 3 rati mags to get the proper grade of white that I wanted. Its really an off gray, but looks white. The white and cream were too bright and the cream didn't match my char look. I spent forever trying to evolve the same mag over and over to get the mag I wanted, just because of the colors.
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