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Mon May 05, 2003 11:19 am
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Just curious but arn't all the lobbies in PSOep1&2 different? Like different looks and styles and themes? Just curious cause from what i see from screenshots, they all look unique.

Also, how does pioneer2 look? Did sonic team spruce it up? Or is it carbon copy form the DCPSO?

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Tue May 06, 2003 2:56 pm
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They changed around the lobbys 1-10. If you go to 11-13 I think, its the classic DC style lobby, then 14-15 are the Go Go Ball lobbys. That games kinda fun, we got bored one night and ended up playing it for like a half hour. P2 was totally redisgned for Ep 2. I kinda like it, it much more compact and centralized. Not a lot of senceless running around to go from hospital to bank, back to transporter or where ever you are headed. Everything is in one tight little cluster, makes it much easier in my opinion. I'll try to find some smaller pictures to show you, all the ones I know of are huge and I dont wanna blow up the forum :p
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