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Topic: Chao mag guide.

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Mon Apr 28, 2003 6:31 pm
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This mag seems to confuse a lot of people and I see quite a few posts about how to do it so I figured I'd whip up an easy to use guide on how to make one.

To start off you need the Heart of Chao, of course, and a non-rare mag, with all levels over 35. This was a lot easier on the DC game because there was no rare mag evolution on its own. If you do make your mag into an EPII rare mag it wont work with the cell, i found that out the hard way . The easiest way to raise a mag to be a Chao is to first raise all of the stats to level 20 so you mag is at a total level of 80. Now heres the tricky part that can get confusing to some. When a mag is level 100 or above it will turn into a rare mag if the sum of 2 stats is equal to the sum of the two remaining stats. To avoid this you have to raise the stats one pair at a time, And in my opinion its best to raise each stat at one at a time.

Now I'll explain how to do this section ID by section ID, since the rare mag conditions are diff for each. All ID's begin by raising all stats to level 20 each, so that the total level is 80. Then continue by your section ID.

If you are Viridia, Blueful, Redria, or Whitill you must first raise the mags DEF and DEX to level 37 each so that your mag is now 37/20/37/20. Next you raise the POW AND MIND to level 36 each. Now your mag will be 37/36/37/36 and will be a non-rare mag, use the cell and you've got your self a Chao.

If you are Skyly, Pinkal or Yellowboze you must first raise the DEF and POW to level 37, so that your mags levels are 37/37/20/20. Now raise your DEX AND MIND to level 36 each and your total levels will be 37/37/36/36 and a non-rare mag, again go ahead and use that cell on it and it till turn into your Chao.

And finally if you are Greennill, Oran, or Purplenum you must begin by raising your DEF and MIND to level 37 each so that your levels are 37/20/20/37. Now raise your POW and DEX to level 36 each so that your total levels are 37/36/36/37 and a non-rare mag. Now use that cell on that mag and it will become your beloved Chao for you.

I hope this helps some people, I know those guides can be a little confusing to some and a lot of people seemed to need help on makin this perticular mag so I thought id just throw this together to help out. The trickiest part is getting up to the required levels with out it becoming a rare EPII mag but I think this explains it in a much more straight foward way. If anyone has any other questions or needs any help feel free to post here or just PM me.
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Wed May 14, 2003 9:27 am
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I am still in DC-PSO at the moment....looks like i am gonna have to do some hardcore research when i start pso on gamecube come this june. I didn't know there was such a broad advancment in mag evolution in the gamecube version. I still can't find a rare mag item in the DC version, so hard to find a A1 rappy. I really really want a chao mag. So i'll be starting this tutorial form day 1 on the game cube Smile
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