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Topic: a few pso ep1&2 questions

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Tue Mar 14, 2006 8:01 pm
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Ok first off, how do you make your character sit in a chair in the lobby? What ship/lobby is cmode played on the most? And, what ship/lobby do you guys usually play in? Anyone else here up for C-Mode? I haven't tried it yet on GC yet, and I'm anxious to get my 1st S-Rank weapon. Mr. Green
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Tue Mar 14, 2006 9:21 pm
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I am one of the last remaining people here actively playing this game online. Everyone else either talks general gamecube stuff here, or doesn't play their gamecube online. The other people who play, are "bones" who usually plays when I am playing PSO, and then lanzarlaluna, but he has his HL unsubscribed at the moment. He will most likely renew again in the near future.

The c-mode ship is the Japanese ship: Alcyclone 6

You should have no problem getting c-mode games going over there. I personally have had little experience with c-mode. I have played a few times, and I think I have completed c-mode ep1 stage 1 and 2. That was a while back. I will be up for some c-mode down the road, but not at the moment.

I am usually playing on US Altair Block 04. I have my HL subscribed every month whether I am playing or not. So regardless of this site's lack of activity, the one mainstay here is me. Wink

To sit down, simply press and hold X, then press A. You can turn and then scoot along the floor in the chair by pressing A. To get up from the chair, simply press B.
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Wed Mar 15, 2006 9:47 pm
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Hey thanks for the info. I'll definitly check that JP ship out. I can help you out with cmode whenever you're ready. I'm no expert yet, but I know the first few levels fairly well. I'll also check out altair 4 to see if you're there. I just wish I had a keyboard for my GC like I do for the DC. Confused
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