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Tue Jul 01, 2008 5:05 pm
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i own the plus version and i don't see the quests offline. in the ep2 area there is none. and in the ep1 area there is only the ones i seen on dc. so far i only played through 3 so i guess they could unlock? do i have to unlock the quests in ep1? i am looking for the ones that i can no longer download on DC ver2.
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Tue Jul 01, 2008 8:23 pm
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The DC download quests are not on the GameCube version. The previous online only material that is now available offline in the Plus version includes:

  • Seat of the Heart Quest
  • East Tower Quest
  • West Tower Quest
  • Central Dome Fire Swirl
  • EP2 Challenge Mode
  • GBA Minigames (Chao Garden, Nights Score Attack and Puyo Pop).

Also, the Plus version can generate crisper snapshots.

The advantage of Plus is more or less diminished now that we have a perminant server, since the quests can be played online at anytime. However having the above quests in offline mode means you can solo them by yourself, where-as online they would require multiple people. Especially since the Tower quests are very very difficult.

To unlock the Seat of the Heart, East & West Tower:

1. Successfully complete VR Temple (Alpha & Beta) on Episode 2.
2. Successfully complete VR Spaceship (Alpha & Beta) on Episode 2.
3. Successfully complete CCA (Central Control Area) on Episode 2.
4. Unlock the Seabed area by defeating the Gal Gryphon at the CCA.

Basically the Towers only become available once you defeat Gal Gryphon. You can see the Towers in Central Control area actually once you get there.

I have no idea when Central Dome Fire Swirl becomes available. Most likely after completeing certain Episode 1 quests I would bet.

Also it should be noted that, all of the items you would get in download quests on the DC like mag cells in stuff are handled entirely different on the GameCube. The GC version of PSO has tons of online only event quests during the Holidays.
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