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Topic: top 5 GameCube exclusives

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Sat Nov 15, 2008 11:19 am
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just wanted to share my opinion on what i think are the best exclusive games for GC (note: these are only games i've personally played through and completed).

i will admit i haven't had the opportunity to play through Metroid Prime 2, but i have finished MP and thought it was an incredible game (i've heard some people say it's better than MP2 anyways). level design is amazing, everything about the game is polished from bottom to top.

sailing is boring sometimes but whats left is a classic Zelda game and it includes link support with the GBA. personally, i like wind waker better than twilight princess

3. P.N.03
love everything about it and the control is great, feels just right on the GC and GC controller. i continued to played PN03 a lot even after i got the extra suits and i was delighted find satisfying gameplay even up to the present time.

fun strategy that's light-hearted, colorful and unique. only downside is that i felt the game was rather short overall. pikmin creatures were fun to toss.

twin snakes was a cool collaboration between konami and nintendo and the GC is the only place to find it! the little differences from the original MGS are worth it to see.

Two games I really wanted to include but couldn't because they aren't absolutely exclusive to GC anymore are Resident Evil and Resident Evil . i havent played Eternal Darkness yet and of course all of the Mario games are good too like Mario Kart DD.

Posted Tue Oct 13, 2009 6:47 pm:

man, and now Metroid Prime isn't exclusive and neither is Pikmin! damn you Wii!
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