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Mon Feb 01, 2010 10:15 am
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In December my brother came over and I tunneled the game with nosferatu who lives about 60 miles away. My brother and I played split screen on the tv so we had lots of 3 player races, a few battles, and a lot of that mode where you try to hold onto a star (it's called star thief?) I was great at star thief for some reason. I laughed my ass off when Id totally trick people and change directions randomly and they would have no idea where i went haha.

Tunneling this game was a whole lot of fun and made me sad that getting a successful game of LAN tunneling with this is so difficult. Perhaps in 20 years internet speeds will be fast enough for this game to work over long distances. At least for now, I have the memory of having had one successful 3 player tunneling session with this game hehe. I also recorded the entire session and will upload footage of some of it to youtube when I get a chance.

This game does have the slight annoyance of not letting you choose your character or vehicle in LAN though. It is not as bad as it sounds since when you play a lot of races it evens out. Like everyone ends up with a big slow fat character eventually and if you manage to win with them you feel totally awesome.
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