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Thu Aug 07, 2003 7:18 am
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OK! so who has played the new quest yet? I managed to throw down early wed morning before i went to sleep. MAN talk about intense gameplay! Sinou Beats falling from the rafters left and right. It was an on-slought. AND I PLAYED THIS ON NORMAL with my Hunewearl. MAN i can't wait to play this quest on Ultimate difficulty setting. It must be a whole army that attacks you on Ultimate.

Plus the giant green tanks(i forget there names), they were everywhere. This quest was really really really challenging. I started off thinking, ok this is the same guy that lost his heat sword WTF...why can't this guy hang onto his dad's weapons. You'd think he would have learned his lesson by now. So i figured....ok...mines...beat some robots....face Vol Opt. Its like the normal mines just that i am retrieving a Soul Blade, and there a little stroy with it.

I was way wrong, this Quest had some great gameplay features and a boat load of enemies. The laser barriers blocking off areas and boxing you in. Serious close combat skills were needed along with some major healing abilities. My HUnewearl was the perfect character for this quest. I wonder how my HUcast will fair on this quest(sinou beats are my HUcast's arch enemies).

So anyone else play this quest yet? I played it and loved it. Cept i played it solo....so we'll have to get some questing on the scheduler soon so we can all team up Very Happy
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Thu Aug 07, 2003 4:07 pm
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I haven't fully played that quest yet because i was playing it with this guy and he just left me. So I have to play it sometime. Maybe I'll go play it now...
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