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Topic: the new beach quest

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Tue Aug 01, 2006 10:42 pm
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I called it that because the people I were playing with (Legit clan PSH) called it the Summer Festivities Quest. It puts you on the beach with a campfire, and this is where it's a very strange quest. Basically, you say various words and it causes different actions/events to happen. Here are some of the words and effects that I know so far:

darkness - causes screen to go pitch black
zodiac - constellations light up
bye - fireballs rain down on you
good - interesting effect (check this one out for yourself)
door - warps everyone to the door
beach - warps everyone to the campsite at the beach
love - makes hearts come on the screen
ice - makes a neat effect and freezes you

I can't recall the words, but there was an effect that made the screen black and white, one that caused fireworks, and one that called lightning and shocked you. If any of you can add to the list, then feel free. Mr. Green


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