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KoNeko asked me why his snapshots were fuzzy. So I am making this thread as a response. I figured the information would be usefull to other people as well.

If you are using the regular version of PSO Episode 1& 2, when converting images using PSO Proxy they will come out fuzzy. To improve the image quality, open the proxy.ini file, and set "sharpness=0" to "sharpness=2".

This is what a snapshot looks like from PSO Proxy at 0 sharpness:


This is what a snapshot looks like from PSO Proxy at 2 sharpness:


Going any higher than 2 will start to distort the image too much.

As for getting your PSO Shots perfectly crisp, the Plus version of PSO Ep1&2 will work perfect with PSO Proxy at 0 sharpness. The images convert with flawless clarity.

Snapshot from Ep1&2 Plus, converted with PSO Proxy at default 0 sharpness:


You might be able to use the online shapshot development scripts to get crisp normal Ep1&2 snapshots. More information about this can be found in our snapshots guide. (In-fact I might updated that guide in the near future with information regarding sharpness from this thread.)
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