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Sat Sep 15, 2007 4:06 am
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Hello all, just thought I would give a heads up on GameCube games. Right now is THE time to score some cheap gamecube games in great condition off of ebay. I had no problem tracking down some amazing deals. The games are plentiful, and there are tons of games going for 8.00 on average. If you were looking to expand your GameCube collection, the next few months may be primetime for this.


I decided to buy non-players choice versions of some games I already own. Here is what I scored in a single order from 1 seller:

$29.95 - Gamecube Game Boy Player w/Startup Disc
$14.95 - Star Wars Rogue Leader Rogue Squadron II
$9.95 - Super Monkey Ball 2
$8.95 - Super Monkey Ball
$8.95 - Sonic Heroes

All of the above are non-Players Choice, and that will be my second GameBoy Player. It cost me $9.95 to ship all of this. Very very fair pricing on shipping. Kind of silly that I just spent about 80.00 on stuff I already own, but the cover art difference between the Players Choice and Originals is pretty drastic. Take for instance Rogue Squadron II. The manual in the original is glossy full color, but in the PC version it is plain paper, and in black and white.
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