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Sat May 24, 2008 4:07 am
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WARNING: When using a FreeLoader boot disc to boot Homeland on North American or PAL GameCube, the text will appear as garbeled characters rather than Japanese.

I need to stress that this website will not be supporting Freeloader users. In order to foster a healthy Homeland community we are encouraging people who are serious about getting involved with the game to play with real Japanese text. If you are about to make a post starting off with, "but nikon your community will be smaller and you are limiting...", you can stop right there. I have heard it all before. This community has high standards. We place quality over quantity.

Reasons for excluding Freeloader users include:

    1.) Playing Homeland with Freeloader makes it difficult to understand status menus, item names, and online text coming from other players. Often times the text can run off the screen breaking some menus completly.

    2.) Freeloader users will be a drain on community resources. They will constantly need to seek help from those who play the game in Japanese. Often times those playing in Japanese won't have a clue, because the text being displayed on the Freeloader users GC is a complete mess.

    3.) Any translation guides we make for the game, Freeloader users will not be able to understand.

We are encouraging serious GameCube Online fans to get a setup where Homeland can be displayed in Japanese.

To display the game properly in Japanese, you need a Japanese GameCube console, or you will need to mod your GameCube with a region switch. It is a simple mod where you solder 2 wires onto the motherboard. Want to learn how to solder, and apply a basic mod to your GameCube? Here is the perfect opportunity.
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