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Topic: Game building on the cheap

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Fri Jul 11, 2008 7:06 pm
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My Gamecube game collection is in its infancy I only have Pokemon C, 1080 avalanche, Mario kart DD and PSO ep 1+2.

I was wondering what good games in store or on line are out there to be snapped up at a low price say under 5 or $10? So not rare games or any must have expensive games but anything that was good and mass produced that theres a lot of copys about for cheap Very Happy I wont list my own specific game choices that way anyone can suggest anything and the thread can by useful to all.

So what are our bulk builders

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Tue Jul 15, 2008 11:13 am
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Lem'me see. One good and really cheap, would be Alien Hominid. Nikon started a thread about buying the game directly from their developer, Behemoth (sp). It only costs $10 before ship/hand brand new.! Mr. Green
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Tue Jul 15, 2008 1:29 pm
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well blast i am not really as new to cube as you. but i may as well be. seeing that i almost never played it up until about a month ago. i had some games but didn't play them often. i started a thread for racing games to find some for me to buy a while back. all the games that where suggested where around or under $10 bucks. here i will just link that thread. racing games

but in the 2 to 3 years i have had my cube i found a few nice ones. starfox adventure was one of the better games. i think it cost $14.99 when i got back in early 07. its hard to say where that price has gone in the mean time.

i picked fight night round 2 up for $12.99 that was about 8 months ago. if you have not played fight night round 2 then you should. its the best boxing game i have ever seen. the controlling scheme is bar none the best idea to hit boxing ever. although the cube controller hurts it compared to other dual analog sticked controllers. the reason why nintendos is a step down is the cubes have that C stick instead of a true 2nt stick, but thats a mild annoyance.

in my local stores
SOUL CALABO2 is about $7.99
i got METROID PRIME1 for $8.99 i think
TONY HAWKS PRO 3 is under$10, MANY THPS GAMES are cheap
SUPER MONKEY BALL is under $10 i find it simple fun for all ages
SONIC HEROS is pretty cheap, under $10. how ever i did not care for it

almost all sports games are cheap in the $10 or less range, but not every one is into them like i am though.

i could name more but this is a start for now

the next best thing i can offer for you to try is the gameboy player. if you have any old gameboy advance game its good for them. but what i am doing with the one i got about a week ago is buying old school gameboy games. and gameboy color games. all of witch are very cheap now. anywhere from $2.99 to $15 and i only paid $20 bucks for my gameboy player
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