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Topic: your favourite SNES RPGs?

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Sun Jul 19, 2009 7:52 am
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i could sit-down and talk about SNES RPGs all day. i have quite a few 'favorites', and i wanted to find out what others grew up playing as well. i'll just give my top 10.

Breath of Fire
Breath of Fire II
Final Fantasy II
Final Fantasy III
The 7th Saga
Chrono Trigger
Secret of Mana
Lufia & the Fortress of Doom
Ogre Battle

these are ones i probably played most often and had the greatest impact. i think Breath of Fire is sort of underrated. Capcom came out with their first RPG series in a big way. the colors and graphics are great, the music is catchy, fun and adventurous, the character design and illustrations were done by an all star Keiji Inafune and it was simply a fantastic debut for Capcom.

Final Fantasy III as i know it (even though in reality it's FF6) was quite an amazing experience at the time and still fun to play to this day. there is such a distinct greatness about it. i remember getting this game when it first came out in October '94 at some sort of electronics store or inside of a department store electronics in the mall (i was 11 at the time). it was cold outside and the Intro to FF3 set such a wonderful mood and created a moment i never forget. the sweeping music and high tech graphics blew me away and had me absolutely immersed. i still have the same Nintendo Power guide i had back then and i remember going though this book so many times to look at the artwork and screenshots to absorb myself in the game when i wasn't playing. great great memories.

the rest are equally special in their own way, but i'll stop here so i can find out what everyone else used to play, still play or like the most. Mr. Green
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Tue Feb 18, 2014 10:50 pm
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Mario RPG, definitely, of course its the only snes rpg I ever played, it was the first RPG that I really understood what to do, sure played it a lot, and I played it again a few years ago just as fun as before. I always liked it because before it, I played all of the other Mario games so it was nice to see all the familiar characters in an RPG. If always felt a bit more active in a way, because you could jump and in battle you had those timed hits. You felt like you got to play, which as a little kid was fun and actually kept my interest, of course now that im older any RPG is fun, I'm really glad about that list, it will give me other games to look up and see what they were like. Might have to get some and see how they do Smile
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