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Mon Aug 13, 2012 1:29 pm
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I've always wondered what fit into the GameCube's serial Port 2... Recently I stumbled upon the ProDG GameCube accessory, which was never released for the system.

Pic: cture&h=700&w=700&sz=59&tbnid=VfxnX0P3HP9sqM:&tbnh=102&tbnw=102&zoom=1&usg=__DZsag29bIEEv2xoPnSnMhes btfk=&docid=7wMsvfWD-dnO5M&hl=en&sa=X&ei=EkQpUOqTI5ClqwGLxICACg&ved=0CHAQ9QEwBQ&dur=392

What is ProDG for Nintendo GameCube?

ProDG for Nintendo GameCube provides a suite of development tools for the latest generation of Nintendo console. Using ProDG for Nintendo GameCube developers can develop games under the familiar Windows operating system and upload the results to the Nintendo GameCube for running and debugging.

The product consists of build tools (assembler, C/C++ compiler based on GNU GCC v2.95.3, linker), and a fast and dedicated source-level debugger.

What does it include?

ProDG for Nintendo GameCube includes the following main features:

•ProDG Debugger for Nintendo GameCube

•ProDG Build Tools for Nintendo GameCube

•ProDG Target Manager for Nintendo GameCube

It also includes the following optional integration with Microsoft's Visual Studio IDE:

•ProDG for Nintendo GameCube Visual Studio integration

ProDG Debugger for Nintendo GameCube

The new stand-alone debugger includes the following main features:

•Create as many different debugger window types as you like to display CPU registers (in various bit configurations), memory, disassembly, source, local variables, watch points, etc.

•TTY pane to display printf streams.

•Source level debugging provides unlimited software breakpoints, single-step, step-over, run to cursor, etc., directly in your source code. Source code search paths allow source level debugging of anything you have source code for, regardless of who built it.

•Uses the industry standard ELF file format with DWARF debug information.

•Fast update and display of target information.

•Configurable debugger windows layout can be saved and restored.

•It will continually be developed to match game developers' needs. Updates with additional functionality will be regularly posted to our web site in response to user requests.

ProDG Build Tools for Nintendo GameCube

•A Win32 port of the GNU PowerPC 750 compiler

•SN Systems compiler driver, assembler and linker

•Optional integration with Microsoft Visual Studio

ProDG Target Manager for Nintendo GameCube

•Connect multiple applications to the target via the same interface

•Connect to targets on remote PCs

•Load and run ELF files and view TTY output from the target
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