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Topic: LAN Tunneling Bandwidth?

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Thu Aug 23, 2012 6:37 am
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I've been reading that Gamecube LAN games tunnel pretty poorly due to the high bandwidth they use. Is there a recommended internet speed that would make them playable?

I've tested my internet connection multiple times and get a pretty consistent 20Mbps down and 4.5Mbps up with around 45 ms ping average. My downstream speed seems like it should be adequate, but the upstream could be the choke point. Any thoughts?
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Fri Aug 24, 2012 2:56 am
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I'm not sure what the recommended internet speed would be for these. Even if some people have a really fast connection, many others will not, and these LAN games don't compensate for latency. They sync every single frame. So the games basically....sloowwwww.....down.... when the connection cannot keep up. I got the same exact experience with Virtual On for the PS2.

The upstream is the choke point, but its also the geographic location. Where the other player is located plays a big role in what type of an experience you will get.

I played with someone in Norway once. Wow was that fun playing a single mario kart race for 20 minutes at 4 frames per second.

For now, LAN Tunneling is basically experimental. You might be able to find someone locally, play against them and get a "hey, this is not too bad" experience. Thats just between 2 people. Toss in more players, and people at other locations across the US and the over all experience just becomes too haphazard to really forge any sense of community around LAN tunneling.

Maybe thats what we start doing. Instead of playing these games online with the intent to "play" them. It would be a community driven research project to detail what the limitations of LAN Tunneling such games are. So then we can say "well this is what you would need to make this work".

I would say we are years away from being able to truly call these online games that we as a community can rally around from a playability standpoint. That is just me being realistic. Though I have high standards. I have known people at OC who would be happy to spend hours playing Mario Kart at 15fps. I just can't stoop that low on the quality scale. To me that is broken lol.
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