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Wed Mar 23, 2011 10:23 pm
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I've had Homeland for awhile, but as it's Japanese-only, it was a bit intimidating for me to pick up. Even if I could trial-and-error my way through it, I worry I'd miss a lot of what was going on in the game simply because I can't read it. Are there any good guides for Homeland? Any that explain what's going on, plot-wise?

By the way, I have a Japanese 'Cube, so I don't have to suffer through the issues that Freeloaders cause.
DMG 01
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Sun May 15, 2011 8:57 am
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I feel your pain, here is a link to a start up guide,

not sure how much or if it will help you but if it gives you a nudge in the right direction then it should help a bit.

I have just found this website, this is the real deal, everything you could hope for is here,

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Sun May 15, 2011 12:32 pm
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Its nice to see that some more people already got or are trying to get Homeland and are trying to actually play it.

But its a shame almost nobody gave this game a serious try yet, including those that already have the game and the means to play it properly. I know its all in Japanese and that makes it very hard at the beginning but if I was able to do it (and I'm not Japanese and never learned Japanese) I guess more people can do it too.

I was able to start a game offline back in 2007 and at least complete 1 quests using only the Importaku's Guide from 2006 (that it was incomplete) so I had to figure some things by myself but I guess nothing that it made impossible to complete at least the 'The Demon Kings Volume Quest' which is probably the easiest to complete. If you do this you can access the Single Player quest (that its relativelly easy to complete too if you follow the Importaku's guide) and also you unlock online mode.

Ok, I was able to play online on the official servers for a few days back in the day thanks to Importaku and LordNikon, and even if it was very cunfusing I probably assimilate a few things and saw many zones which probably helped me a bit when I started playing offline by myself.

But now theres the Puutan's blog which DMG 01 posted the link above (I think that link was already posted some time ago) that I took a look at it and it seems very complete and all in English! It includes a very good description of the Scenarios and includes maps of the zones, magic, items, all the actions that its possible to do, I mean everything!! So I guess now theres no excuse to not enjoy this great game that is Homeland.

I haven't played this game since 3 year ago myself after I've completed 2 Quests offline and the Single Player Adventure, but now that I see there's a more complete guide for it I think I will start to play it again to see if I can complete more Chapters of the game offline Smile .

Also I tested 3 years ago a connection to my own Homeland God server and it worked, so its possible to host some games online.

So I suggest to all the people that have at least the slightest interest in the game to make the effort to give this game a try now or as soon as possible or else years goes by and we (westerns) never will be able to play and complete a quest online Razz . I mean it has been 3 years ago since I could do all this and I don't see any progress here which is a shame. I know this things are slow especially because its a small comunity but if people don't start to give this a serious try it will be more 3 years without any progress and so on untill people lose all the interest because they got old enough or are all playing their other consoles...
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Mon May 30, 2011 9:10 pm
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im interested and still have my copy of homeland. i dont have my japanese gc anymore though, only a japanese wii. so i'll have to pick one up first. i wouldn't forget about homeland since i plan on keeping my game and i've had it for a while. i see it when i go through my games and i'm frequently reminded. the translation i saw linked in the other thread looked very thorough. i'll have to keep it bookmarked.
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Mon Apr 09, 2012 12:46 am
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I'm sorry if I'm replying rather late, I'm not even sure if people still post here, but seriously, is there any guide(s) for Homeland? I keep reading about someone named Importaku who made an incomplete guide several years back, but any links I've found to said guide end up being broken. After exploring a bit (yes, I have the game, and I modified my Gamecube and added a region switch, so I've been able to play it in Japanese) I went to the sky thing at the beginning, went to Clotsu, (クローツ) and after leaving and leveling up a bit, managed to get to Kaneru; (カネル) so I've been places, (oh yeah, I also found a cave near Clotsu) but a real guide would still be nice, I mean I haven't even figured out how to take quests yet!
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Mon Apr 16, 2012 2:30 pm
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DMG 01 posted a link to an English FAQ in the first reply to this topic:

As for Importaku's guide, I don't know where (if anywhere,) it can be found. IIRC, the guide isn't on the Wayback Machine. ( I do know that Importaku's site is still up, though:
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Wed Jan 30, 2013 11:39 am
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DMG 01 wrote:

I have just found this website, this is the real deal, everything you could hope for is here,

that's excellent, thanks for the link
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