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Mon Nov 17, 2003 7:59 pm
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HEY!!! Man sorry I havn't been on PSO the last few days. Here is the reason why, cause I own a madcatz Universal S-Video cable. It has xbox, gc and ps2 connectors(i don't own xbox). Ok so, you can't really have it jacked into all the systems at will cut off the audio or video on another one. It's pretty lame. Ok so everytime i wanted to play my PS2 or my Gamecube, I had to unplug the video cable for one...and then plug it into the other console. It was getting rather nerve racking, so I finally got money and went yesterday (sunday) to get a TON of cables.

So i got the Pelican S-Video cable for gamecube, got home...pluggerd it in...IT WAS DEFECTIVE! I went nuts. So I had to wait even longer and then today got to gamestop and got a 2nd universal cable again. So now all of my consoles are plugged into my Pelican 5 port video switch, and can be switched back and forth with ease.

Now I can just press a button and bam.

Oh and i also had to keep swapping ethernet cables since i ran out of cat5s and only had 1 for the gamecube and as far as online games....I had to keep on swapping not only the video....but the ethernet as welll. And on monday of last week I got TribesAA for PS2, and had been addictivly playing that online all week. And to jump back to cube i would have had to disconnect my ps2 video and ethernet and move them to the cube.

But all that is fixed now i bought like 50 bux in cables, cords, and extenders. ITS ALL GOOD NOW Very Happy I jsut thought i would write an interesting story...hehe .
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Tue Nov 18, 2003 11:02 pm
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i need a PS2, maybe one day i can write a story like that
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