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Wed Jul 02, 2003 9:48 am
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I have bought a new PSOv1 game for Dreamcast which is free to play online. If I really like it I think I might just move over to the Gamecube version and start paying. I was curious though, there is a lot of cheating/hacking in the Dreamcast version that I'm going to have to watch out for to keep from getting my character erased or whatever.

How is the Gamecube PSO in comparison to the Dreamcast games in terms of the amount of cheating?? Thanks
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Wed Jul 02, 2003 12:00 pm
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basically its still messed up hehe. However its way safer than dreamcast. The main problem is FSOD (frozen screen of death). You can't actually character kill or corrupt another persons memory card or anything, basically there are just a lot of duped items. And then there are weapons like the spread needle, and the black king bar that just decimate the enemies in a level making it near impossible for you to get any experience points. But you jsut avoid those people. In dreamcast you have to still kinda hide in the shadows, in GC you can be far more public, meet new people, and go all over. Basically between ALL the PSO's out there, PSO for gamecube is the safest, and has the least amount of problems.

Yea it is $8.95 a month but, you get a fare share of stuff in return. You get new quests added about ever 2-3 weeks. Holiday features, and special character appearances. And in online quests they add new elements within the quests that alter the whole style of gameplay. Its pretty cool.

Also PSO on gamecube is 2 times as big as PSO on dreamcast, Ep1 is basically everything that was on dreamcast, and then Ep2 is a whole new saga.

Personally, I play on both DC and GC.
PSOv1 on DC is just classic pso, its my favorite and i will never stop playing it.
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Wed Jul 02, 2003 12:17 pm
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Well, I guess then if I really like PSO on Dreamcast I'll get everything needed for it on Gamecube. I don't have a dial-up connection to play on Dreamcast so I'll either have to sign-up for an ISP or setup a PPP dial-up Linux server.

I might end up just playing DC single player and then deciding about Gamecube from that.
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