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Tue Mar 01, 2005 5:02 pm
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im so happy... i just pre-ordered my copy... MY FIRST GCN IMPORT. i gues ill need freeloader now huih? HEHE

Whats in my:
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Sat Apr 16, 2005 10:30 am
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It is great to know that some other online game will be released for GC, never understood well why nobody release online titles, except for SEGA PSO games, even some games that are online for other consoles that are available on GC don't have that option, like Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon, Mortal Kombat, etc...It looks like its Nintendo all fault, why not support online gaming if there is a modem and a BB adaptor, releasing online options for Mario Kart, Metroid Prime, etc. for example!?

I would be happy to buy a Homeland copy and help uncover/discover all the intricacy of the game as it is all in Japanese, and we can't even use a kb. But with the help of all the non-Japanese (and why not some Japanese) players we probably could enjoy the game and find a way to communicate with each other, not easy tough. But i fear the network system works like the warp pipe function, and we can only get a stable and good connection if we live close with each other. If this is true i will probably not buy it as it will be impossible for me to play with the people that are planning to buy Homeland as i live in Portugal. But if it's not the case i probably will buy it, and i will be glad to be the server host sometimes if its required.

I have a BB adaptor and PSO Ep. I&II since the release date in Europe, but i have only played PSO for 1 year on GC. So it would be great to dust off the adaptor to use it will a brand new GC online game Very Happy .

PS: I've read this post and found about Homeland long time ago but only today i've registed in the GC forums.
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